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Just traded in my Jeep for a 2015 X-Terra Pro4X that came stock with these tires in P265/75R16. They seem like a great tire for these trucks, but the 2-Ply side wall has me a little worried. I am not going to be rocking crawling in this truck, but it will see plenty of mud roads and the occasional trip to CO and trails like Black Bear.

Any input you all have on these tires would be awesome!


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I like them for the quiet ride and decent traction, but I have torn up the sidewalls on three so far. One on a pinch flat in Moab and two others on roots here in the PNW. The only reason that I kept replacing them is because I run an odd size (235/65R17) and there isn't much out there in that size. I will either be changing things to allow me to run a different size or I will change wheel size to give me more tire options. I'm not going to keep dumping money into replacing these things.


No experience with those tires, but I'm thinking you will be fine. Vehicles are spec'd with P or LT tires for a reason. Don't switch to LT until you have a reason to.

On another note, congrats on the new truck. I just looked at that exact truck at the Auto Show yesterday. I've never been much of an Xterra (or Nissan) fan, but this one looked awesome. It was a nice dark red and it totally changed my perception of the Xterra. Sticker was $39k CDN, and if I end up going to a more off-road capable platform, this would be my #1 choice.



I have XL rated Hankook ATM's and they have been flawless. Quiet and smooth, wearing well, great traction in snow, rain, sand, and light off road. They were also very inexpensive. However, I don't do any off-roading on rocky terrain so I can't comment on how they hold up in those conditions.


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Might want to ask forum member MJMcdowell what he thinks of them. He blew out the sidewalls in not one but two Dynapros in the space of less than 4 days when we were in Nevada in 2013. The tires almost completely came apart before he could even stop.
I had Dynapros on my '99 T4R and they were fine but I never really put the sidewalls to the test and fortunately by the time we did any desert driving I had a different vehicle with BFGs. After seeing what happened to Michael in Nevada I crossed the Dynapros off my list permanently.
I'm a card-carrying cheapskate (well, I would be if those cards weren't so damn expensive!) and I'll cut corners where I can do so. But when it comes to tires, I'm of the opinion that "buy once, cry once" is the way to go. Just my $0.02. :sombrero:
I was crying big time when I had to shell out over a grand to put new shoes on my '07 4runner in November but if I get 4 years out of those tires (and from my experiences that is absolutely possible) then I'll consider it a wise investment. A set of Dynapros would have been ~$300 cheaper but if I have to replace them in 2 years then I'm not really saving any money, am I?


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I ran them on my F150 and they were good. I used them like I use all of my tires, on rocky trails. Never had an issue. Now, I did have LT ATM's, not the P series. They ride great, wore really good and were quiet.
I've had two sets of Hankook Dynapro ATM on my '01 Xterra, previously P265/75r16 and now LT285/75r16. In extensive off road travel across Colorado and Utah on both sets, i have never had a problem with sidewalls or otherwise. Colorado high country trails like Mosquito Pass and Imogene Pass, and Utah desert including Moab, San Rafael Swell, and the Capitol Reef areas. I do air down more than most running 12 to 15psi anytime off road.

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Thanks for the update. I am especially glad to hear the P265s worked great for you since that is what I am running. As of now I am planning on sticking with them for my trip to CO/UT this July and hope for the best!

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Thanks for all the good feedback! Hopefully the 2 ply doesnt give me any problems down the road, but if it does I suppose thats a good reason for new tires!


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Thanks for all the good feedback! Hopefully the 2 ply doesnt give me any problems down the road, but if it does I suppose thats a good reason for new tires!

well, if the fact that it's a two-ply sidewall is what ends up giving you problems at some point, you will have pretty clear guidance on where to go after that. the list of 3-ply sidewall AT tires is much smaller than the list of 2-ply tires.

FWIW, I just went back to P245/75/16 Dynapro ATMs on my '02 Tundra, from C-load LT265/75/16 Cooper AT3s. I was never the biggest fan of the AT3s, from day one that I had them. A few of my issues were probably related as much as anything to going up in size (previous tire had been Dynapro ATM P265/70/16) as opposed to the tire itself. But, I knew I had been happy with the Hankooks, and you can't get them in a C-load LT, so I went back to the Pmetric tires.

I expect that, for what I do, I'll be just fine. My rough-trail adventures are, at their roughest, pretty mild (along the lines of Engineer Pass to get from Silverton to Lake City), and 99.6267% of my miles are highway driving. The Pmetrics will be fine for the load hauling I do, too.

I expect you'll be just fine with what you got. If you were outside the capabilities of that tire, you'd probably already know it (meaning: you would have enough negative experience to have made up your mind already).


edit: I should add that both the P-metric Dynapro I have and the LT AT3 I have are load 109. The sidewalls on the AT3s aren't too much more thick than the Dynapros, either, if at all.
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For what it's worth, I work at a Ford dealership and I put these tires on everything from pavement pounders to farm trucks that get beat on every day, I've even put a set on an ambulance for a rural fire department. They're one of our more popular tires, to the point we've got customers that won't run anything else.


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Just finishing up a pair now, I wouldn't buy them again. They have been "okay" but not great. For the money I feel I could have done better. I ran a pair of the hankook mud terrains previously, loved them. They lasted twice as long as the AT's and I do I ton of highway driving as well. The mud terrains where not much louder and far superior performance in mud, sand and snow. I really can't think of an area where the AT's performed better.


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Have run several sets of them. They wear well and have great road manners while having good grip off road. Have 30k on my current set with little noticeable wear.

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