Hands on, or end result?

As you're going through the process of modifying and building a vehicle, do you do most/all of the work yourself, or do have a shop/shops you trust handle it?

I'm very hands on, the actual work is something I very much enjoy. Especially now that I have a shop, especially one that's actually pretty well equipped.


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If earning money or trusting people were my hobbies, of course I'd pay someone to make my truck dreams real!


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outsource jobs that i don't have the equipment for, like heavy duty welding, but everything else i do myself. The more you build it yourself, there better your chances of keeping it working and maintaining it on the road, even if you are having to supervise others


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For me it depends upon the work required.

My Time is worth more than my Money.

Therefore there are a lot of jobs I can do myself just as well as any "Professional" HOWEVER I still hire out a large number of those jobs as it's not worth my "Time" to to screw with em given the price I can hire a professional do the work.

Do what you are good at to earn a living and pay other professionals to do work for you that is cheaper to hire.
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I enjoy building and designing things. Most of my build was planned before I decided to make it a long distance traveller/offroader.

I have gotten my dad to do some of the more critical welding and a local fab shop has done lasering/press brake work to my specs but otherwise I have done everything but the exhaust and alignment.

Trolling junkyards and spending time in my garage makes me happy. No way j am paying someone else to do something I enjoy and most shops wouldnt do what I do anyway, and because I designed, built and documented it I know it inside and out.

That said... I am a parts manager at a auto dealership for a living lol.
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If I have the skills and time, I do it myself. If not, I pay someone. Generally, I have more money that I have skills and time.

On my JT with ACCC i did the interior build of the camper myself, installed bumpers and winch myself. Paid someone to install the lift. I paid someone to install the ARB compressor but then did it myself on my wife’s JL.


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I enjoy working on my junk. Pretty much work on everything to this point except I haven't rebuilt an engine yet and am actually looking forward to it one day.


It always depends on the job but I am leaning hard towards the pay someone side. life is short, spend it doing what YOU enjoy.


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IF the task affects the mechanical reliability of the vehicle, it gets sent to a shop with journeyman mechanics.... which I am not.
IF the task is more for a convenience item, like a stove or awning or roof rack and it is a bolt on after market thing I just git 'er done.

IF I'm building a SquareDrop on an existing trailer, I do it all mostly cuz the design evolves as the build proceeds.
Steering, driveline, brakes, engine all gets sent to a shop.
I enjoy working on my junk. Pretty much work on everything to this point except I haven't rebuilt an engine yet and am actually looking forward to it one day.
I did my first last year. Got a pile of parts that was most of a long block and assembled it for an engine swap.

I had a lot of fun doing it, and it's done great.

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