HAMBO build thread


Yup :D

I figures that'd be the most affordable way to do it.

For a year I was running a rear adapter spacer but really didn't trust it.

And I was right! On my last trip to Utah I lost a rear wheel while cruising at 60mph on the hwy. Luckily my wheel didn't hit anyone and I figured a way to crawl to a tire shop 10miles down the road. Not a fun experience...

Anyway, I researched my options and that's what I came up with.


Ps. @Bikesmurf you can see part of my swaybar in the picture with the hub resting on the ground, lol

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As usual @Abitibi , you're leading the way for the rest of us. Thanks for sharing!

I'm behind on my conversion but have still been agonizing over the rim choices and just didn't like the idea of the adapter. I also really didn't want to spend the $$ on the Spyntech conversion so this is great.