HAM Operators- Post up here


I have one. I put it on a meter and compared it to a standard UV-5R. The power output on "High" and "Low" were identical. The 8HP has a firmware setting that allows a "Mid" output of 2-3 watts.
I went ahead and snagged one with the whip.

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Day 2 of my General class and testing on the 21st, debating if I want to go my AE in the fall, will never use the abilities that will come with it (heck may never use all the abilities that come with General), but it might do it just for the hell of it, just to say I did.

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All that matters is you passed!! Congratulations!
Absolutely true! Congrats @colodak on passing. And something to keep in mind, as discomforting as it might be, is that someone had to just squeak by in everything. For every doctor who was top of his or her class there was one who was at the bottom and did adequately. He or she is still a doctor and probably a damned fine one because of the work required to achieve it.