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I'd like to compose a list of ALL the HAMS on the board (and other boards I'm on). Part of an effort some of us are talking about to promote Amateur Radio for use in off road hobbies.

I'll start:
KC0KWO - Colorado Springs - 2m/70cm - Shane W.

EDIT: I merged two threads, Scott.
Post up your Call sign, location, prefered radio and band. Thanks
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Dave Druck [KI6LBB]
Forum Name: SOCALFJ
First Name: Dave
Callsign : KI6LBB
Radio : Yaesu FT-2800 and Diamond SG2000HD
Freq usually on: 2m
Location: Corona, CA
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Forum Name: dbregman
First Name: David
Callsign : KI6LQG - soon to be K6DWB (9/25)
Radio : Kenwood TM-D700A - with APRS
Freq usually on: 2m/70cm
Location: Northern California

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Forum Name: MossMan
First Name: Andy
Callsign : KD8GDG
Radio : ???
Freq usually on: 2m/70cm
Location: Teays Valley, WV
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2005, 2006 Tech Course Champion: Expedition Trophy
Forum Name: DaktariEd
First Name: Ed
Callsign : K7EDB
Radio : Yaesu FT-8800R and FT60R handheld
Freq usually on: 2m/70cm
Location: Tucson, Az

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2007 Expedition Trophy Champion, Overland Certifie
shane if I could offer a suggestion that would make this thread usefull to eveyone when they search...
Update the first post with info as added
use a standard format for info

Forum Name: 1leglance
First Name: Lance
Callsign : KE7NKP
Radio : Yaesu ft-7800 and VX6R handheld
Freq usually on: 2m/70cm
Location: Phx, Az

If we all use the same format then Shane you can just cut & paste into the first post and we can all have an easy database to use for our Nets & Runs


Expedition Leader
Forum Name: HenryJ
First Name: Brule
Callsign : KE7CSK
Radio : Yaesu ft-8800 and VX7R handheld
Freq usually on: 2m/70cm
Location: Ontario, OR