Hallmark Website Down??


Hey All,
Not sure if it's just my browser, or if the HallmarkRV website is down. I saw a used camper on there a couple of weeks ago while I was offshore, and just tried to open up the website to show it to my wife, but no luck. Anyone have any info?
Their website is back up, and we're one of the campers on the opening page (2012 F350/K2 in Valley of teh Gods). They had seen the pictures I had submitted to the Truckcampermagazine.com Calendar contest and asked if they could use it , which i gladly allowed. I was lucky enough to be chosen for the calendar, as I think the others feature on their web page were. Not a bad showing for Hallmark on that calendar contest, 3 of the 13 pictures chosen were Hallmarks, 6 pops up total