Hackster's crew cab first gen cummins


ive already read your entire build once but its even better the second time! your fabrication skills are amazing, keep up the great work and keep us updated!


Renaissance Redneck
I doubt Sean will be back here any time soon. I did some hunting around and found out he sold the truck to somebody in Texas, and has bought a 3rd gen 2500. I saw he was on Turbobricks (Volvo forum I am on) yesterday, so at least he is alive and well.


Yo YO!!!

I am still around for sure. Amazingly we did not take a ton of pics of the truck and trip, we spent the time enjoying ourselves without cell phone reception for a good part of three weeks.

I am toying around with building another adventure rig though so stay tuned....probably be in the fall.

Been too busy building this all winter long, just about finished up and ready to hit the road. Should be around 700-775 hp to the rear tires. Turbocharged LQ4 full frame up build, nothing but the sheetmetal stock.