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Did you find a sealing tape that you would recommend?
I couldn’t find the original quote to review it but, you can use waterbased seam sealer on the seams, Gearaid makes a good sealer. Solvent based sealers will degrade the waterproofing in the material. You should start out by checking to make sure the tent material isn’t stretched too tight on the poles as this will open up the stitch holes. Then wet down the material and seams as this allows the fabric and thread to absorb the moisture and swell up closing the gap between the thread and the fabric. If you still have areas that are leaking seal those specific areas with seam seal.


Thanks, I will give it a try. I got the info from post 157 in this thread (pg11) for me. The tape was in reference to hinge area but wasn't sure if it could be used on seams as well. I am moving back to East coast later this year so trying to get ahead of it. Thanks.

"We have found some tape, it is a Neoprene/EPDM/SBR Foam, with an adhesive backing that is conformable but also expands back to it's original profile quickly. We have started testing this product in the hinge area where the extrusion is not attached to the shell."


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I used Gear Aid Seam Grip for my tent. It worked ok on stopping water from coming in through the loops on the roof (only 1 loop leaked after a heavy thunderstorm), ill apply a second coat before the winter and hopefully that'll fix it for a few years