GXV Turtle at Big Bend NP


Just got back from Big Bend NP in Texas a week or so. My wife and I live in Santa Fe, NM and took 3 week trip to Big Bend. We have never been there before. This NP is restricted to 14 day stay in the park, for a max of 23 days total for a one year period. We stayed at Cottonwood campground for several nights before heading out for the back country camp sites. We stayed a total of 12 days in the back country. Very nice NP, we liked the back country. I attached a photo of the Turtle taken the last day we were at the Park.
2018 GXV Turtle



Very nice dfs. How are you liking your turtle? My wife and I love our Kenworth GXV truck.
[/QUOTEwe love our Turtle.
We have about 14,000 miles on it and no problems. The Dodge 5500 Diesel works great. More power and torque then we will every need.
We are getting 11.8 miles per gallon. It the right size for us. Last year we lived in it for six months and did quite well. Also we meet a lot of people who are amazed by the truck.
Good to hear from you. Where are you now.


We have only about 7k miles but almost a hundred nights spent in the truck. We use ours (currently) for short semi-local trips to the backcountry so many weekends spent in the truck with short driving to get to/from our sites. We purposefully went "simple" and that ethos is paying off and allows us to build out the things we need and not have the complexity overhead of things we don't value.

Glad to hear you are enjoying your truck. I watched your videos and really enjoyed them.