GX470 info and opinions

I own a 2009 that has seen limited off road use thus far, though literally on my first time out on the beach I recovered a stuck vehicle. The GX performed very well in soft dry sand. A few complaints I've read about but have not run into myself (from people that really wheel these a lot) is not being able to turn off the ATRAC. However on a recent trip with a friend's 2007 GX the ATRAC seemed to work very well for him and somewhat covers the need for lockers (don't flame me - just saying that in some situations - the GX ATRAC just seems to work very well covering rough terrain). Also, this guy didn't even have his center diff locked much of the time - didn't seem to matter. This was on dry, rocky up and down terrain where several drivers weren't able to directly pass without multiple attempts and/or a spotter. Also at 10k+ feet FWIW. Some people don't like the rear "barn" door. I do like a tailgate to sit on, but the barn door also could serve as a windblock. An easy mod is to put a gas strut on to keep the door open and not deal with the locking bracket that is a bit cumbersome. 2009 and earlier have great interior space up front - lots of headroom, great visibility. I looked at a 2010 but didn't like the more truck feel of the inside and less visibility. '09 and back also gives you a manual transfer case shifter over a button, which just from a mechanical standpoint I like. They are built on the 120 series platform like the FJC and 4th(?) gen 4R.... Oh and re the stereo system - I guess we are old school - my wife plugs in her 2005 iPod to the 3.5mm jack :)