GX460 Trailer Brake Questions


My GX came pre wired with a connector under the dash & a pigtail in the glove box but does anybody know if there is a "hot line" already run to the factory plug on the bumper? Or does that pigtail need to be connected to an installed controller to complete the circuit & make it all work out back?

The reason I'm asking is there is a new bluetooth plug & play controller made by curt that would save me some hassle on install while not requiring any knobs or controllers up front. I know nothing about brake controllers so can somebody please school me up?


I'm not 100% sure on the hot wire...

But... I'm 100% sure that I would consider hardwired over Bluetooth for something as important as trailer brakes. Nothing against Bluetooth... but I have enough issues with phones and headsets that I'm not sure I'd trust brakes with it.


Ha! Indeed, that whole bluetooth connection concern is not lost on me. Will it even work if I'm streaming music while I drive? All questions I'll get to at some point. I dont have a 5000 pound travel trailer or anything, it's just an extra layer of safety for the short trips I tow the boat. Everyone keeps telling me I dont even need to use the brakes on trailer since the boat is so light... but if they are there & I dont use them & something goes wrong I would be so pissed at myself.
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Those BT brake controllers lack two important things, especially when overlanding:
  • Its not using brake pedal for signal source, just light outputs if you turn on your flashers/hazzards its gonna apply trailer brakes every time they come on.
  • You cannot articulate the brakes manually, at speed this can help you deal with a bad sway situation.. on trails, its pretty much required to keep the trailer behind you and you upright in certain situations.
They are primarily designed for temporarily towing with something not already wired for brakes, like getting a big uhaul/camper rental for a one-off trip.. and a very poor choice for a Tow Vehicle that's frequently towing.