Gutting LR3 cargo area for build out ?


Anyone know of someone who's removed all of the side plastic shrouds, 2nd and 3rd row seats, possibly headliner, to maximize the volume for a liveable space build out?
I've been wanting for a more useful space ever since seeing a tightly but well put together Defender 110 cargo area and think that at least something cool could be done in the LR3/4. Granted it's a little narrower, tapering wall shapes and not as long from back of front seats to rear hatch.

The tallest area is where the 2nd row seats are located ans the odd 3rd row sub floor is pretty much only suited to being built in as a false floor with storage under some grid of latched panels able to hold weight and retain whatever is stored below. For example, under the floor could be rarely accessed items such as emergency parts, water bladders (if filled and access from remote lines), or other items.

similarly the cavity of the hatch itself, on the lower section, could hold something more or less permanently like water or by way of hinged door. I think the HSE models have a speaker in there.

The next biggest area for change is the two sidewall areas where it's mostly used up by complexly shaped plastic panels mostly designed for looks, cup holders, and very small storage bin which is about the size of a nice loaf of bread ;)

A straight walled mini cabinet could fit on one side with similar maximal depth as the plastic but while creating 3-4x the interior space as well as being dimensionally more useful for mounting things like a larger inverter, or ?

The other side could be built in like the 100's usually are with a long cabinet wall and counter top or some sort. It's a big choice to go in the direction of having a built in sink and cooktop and in such a small space, I think those things are better done "outside" but maybe something modular could be designed to allow a spot for the cooking unit to sit inside or outside.

Anyway, sleeping inside would only be down one side, on the right behind passenger seat, for one person with the RTT being the multi person sleep space. I generally like the common layout of tall/cabinet things on the left behind driver and low sleep/bench on right. This is obviously good for driver visibility out the right side and rear but also in the lr3 with limited interior length, the passenger seat can be moved slightly forward to allow even the tallest person to stretch out sleeping down that side. This sleep/sit bench would be elevated of course, roughly to side door arm rest height or as needed for sitting to allow ones head to clear the ceiling.

The fridge of choice could go in a few locations but having it accessible from the front seats is a nice convenience and keeps it's heavier, when full, weight forward in the vehicle.

I dig around on the internet every couple years looking for a nice "pop-top" camper conversion like the Eurovan or on the Honda Element but have only seen one or two in Japan or Scandinavia, never an actual supplier or builder.

Ideas welcome.