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Hey guys. I have a 2021 power wagon and would like to install a rack for a couple of rifles. I don’t want anything rifle specific as I would like it to accommodate assault style and regular style rifles depending on what I would like to take with me.

I have been looking at the great day rack but I’m worried I’ll lose some head room in drivers position. I’m 6,6’.

Has anybody used these? Are they good? Any noise or rattles when on bumpy roads?

Any other recommendations would be great.



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I'll throw in my 2 cents. lose head room.
Yes......they all rattle. More as they age and more if only one weapon is carried in a two weapon mount. It's also freaking terrifying when you have 10-15 lbs of guns, ammo and steel , vibrating and rattling over your head as you hit things at speed (potholes, curbs, speed bumps, gravel roads, wash board roads, medians, rumble strips, etc....)
No.....Never used this brand but, have used and lived with Law Enforcement brands installed by fleet operations in covert vehicles.
They are fun and cool for about 10 minutes. They tend to lose their coolness when you need the weapon quickly. It's Darn near impossible to not to hit your passenger in the head as you pull it down or replace it. You will pretty much muzzle sweep everyone on the passenger side pulling it down and replacing it. The velcro straps on the model displayed doesn't look like it will hold the weapons in place during a crash or aggressive braking. It also doesn't appear to have much of a locking system to secure the weapons and at some point, you'll jack your shoulder up as you reach up and over to pull down or replace the weapon.

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I had Big Sky overhead racks in all of my vehicles. I never had any issues with rattling. They’ve also always been mounted behind me/over the back seat, though still within reach.

When I was ordering my last truck a couple years back, I was trying to figure out if the side airbags would still deploy and where, exactly, they were located. I called Big Sky and the person who answered the phone happened to be the owner of the company and son of the founder. We talked about racks, guns, and basically chatted for about an hour. I found that refreshing in an era where you can often never even get a real human on the phone.
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