Group Buy: MaxTrax


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We had a small issue with the code timing out at the start of today, rather than the end of today.

Everything should be good now.

Thanks for the orders. Anything on backorder should be cleared shortly, we are awaiting a shipment from Australia that has already cleared customs.


Can't do it this time. If it comes around again I may be able to.
Thanks for setting this up Pathfinder.


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Thank you Pathfinder7 and Matt Scott - good deal and great service. Thank you for setting this up! Retiring to full time travel start of 2020, these were on my list, but so is everything else. The nudge and discount worked wonders, one more task off the checklist.


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Count me in, 1 set confirmed. Looks like the coupon expired however. Will keep an eye out for the next one.

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thank you pathfinder ,mine are on the way . as a group we should do this kind of thing more often . someone had posted that ARB had a sale on fridges , i saved 300 bucks . that is a lot . maybe the site could have a header for Group buys .

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It was expired when I tried to claim it but evidently people claimed it after me and got it. Confusing. Luckily I don’t really care about these a whole lot.

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