GROUP BUY: Kermit Chair Group Buy - Expedition Portal Logo Optional!


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I’ve been using mine a lot, for YEARS - for camping, beach, my kids baseball games, etc. And it’s still going strong.

I’d be interested

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Into Africa
by Sam Manicom
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Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why
by Laurence Gonzales
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I reached out to the original thread starter, Charles aka cosmiccharlie, to see if he wished to pick up the reins on the group buy again. He informed me he was not interested but was kind enough to share the contact information of the people he had spoken with at Kermit Chairs and Expedition Portal for the use of the logo.

I do not have much free time at this moment but unless anyone else is interested in leading the way I will attempt to get this going again.

From the original posting it looked like we needed 25 chairs agreed to be purchased to get the discount. I will follow up with Kermit to verify this week.

As of this moment it seems we have interest in 15 to 18 chairs, well over half way to the original goal of 25.

If you are interested in a chair please PM me so I am able to keep track of everyone.

cosmiccharlie - 1

Pipeworx- 1

drrobinson - 1

dpsmedic - 2

Mlachica- 1

jerdog53 - 1

Darthcastis - 1 or 2

DCH109 - 2 or 3

re500 - 2

Darbydefender - 1

Gs WK2 - 1

mtnclimber1 - 1 or 2
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So an update, I heard back from Brian McVickers of Expedition Portal and was informed of the following......

Hi Matt,
Thanks for reaching out.

A few things on this:
Per our policies, such a group buy would not be authorized. Group buys can only be offered by Approved Vendors who support the site or by site members who are coordinating a group buy on obscure items that are not readily available. So if an advertiser wants to offer a group buy they can, but a user can not coordinate one on products that can easily be purchased through retail. Or, a member can coordinate a group buy on something like the left rear tail light for an obscure vehicle that may need to to be custom manufactured to minimum quantities.

Kermit Chairs are awesome, I love mine! And, the folks over there are great. But, they are readily available for anyone to easily purchase online.

Chazz no longer works for us and did not have the authority to approve use of your logo when he did work for us. Sorry for the confusion there.

We do sell our own logoed merchandise. If chairs are something that you think people would be interested in we can look into offering something.

I know this is not the best news but I really appreciate your enthusiasm and your participation on ExPo.


Brian McVickers
Chief Business Development Officer

Recommended books for Overlanding

Jupiter's Travels in Camera: The photographic record of T...
by Ted Simon
From $139.15
Into Africa
by Sam Manicom
From $23.8
Overlanders' Handbook: Worldwide Route & Planning Guide: ...
by Chris Scott
From $19.28
Tortillas to Totems (Every day an Adventure Book 4)
by Sam Manicom
From $9.99


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I have not yet heard back from Kermit Chairs but will post an update when I do. I also updated the interested party list as of 7/19/20, post #96

Maybe everyone interested in a Kermit Chair will keep responding to this thread to show ExPo that there is enough interest to offer a custom logo'd Kermit Chair available on the site.
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