Gross Resevoir - Colorado


Gross is near Boulder, and a real nice place to go. They opened it last year to non motorized. Real nice place to paddle close to the Denver area. We broke in the new inflatable kayak out there.

Just thought i'd throw it out there for the people in this end of Colorado. Had a talk with some friends this afternoon that are all big time paddlers and none of them knew of the place. Good muskie fishing from what I hear too.


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Gross is really nice. The water seems quite low this year. With all the snow the high country has been getting hopefully it will be filling up in the spring.


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oldcj5guy said:
Good muskie fishing from what I hear too.
I grew up on the other side of the hill (Coal Creek), I spent countless days fishing over there when I was in my early teens (parents would drop me off in the am, pick me up in the pm)....pulling a fish out of there was a rare occurance. Hopefully it is getting better...

But it is nice to hear they opened it up for the 'yaks. I'd be pretty cool to take one out and see my old stomping grounds from the "other side".