Grip Strut Safety Grating


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I am looking for some kind of recovery boards and like metal better than plastic and am trying to find something that will work for me (primarily snow use in the winter).

I found this looking for something else for another project - Grip Strut - Safety Grating -

I can get 9-1/2" wide x 1-1/2 x 12GA Galvanized Steel in a three foot section for about $80 per section which seems like a pretty good deal.

Has anyone every used this or something similar? What are your thoughts on whether it will work or not? It won't be using it a lot, primarily helping other folks stuck in the snow and probably myself once in a while.
How were you planning on using it? Right side up or upside down. Right side up, it will need something on the bottom side to grip the trail or road.


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Good point - right side up (open portion of the channel facing down) and was thinking about getting some decent length bolts to run through some of the holes to help with gripping and then also when storing sandwich boards together and use the bolts with wing nuts to keep connected as a single unit.


I’ve built a lot of stairs,catwalks, etc... from it. It is heavy. It might work, but probably not well for the weight and cost. Your best bet would be to take the raised edges off and serrat the “back” so that you have two traction surfaces, but then it won’t be very rigid... or weld two pieces back to back, but weight again. If you’re determined, you can make it work.


You could buy tire chains and get a similar effect, fitted to your rig, for less $$, but I suspect they are not as easy to store as something rigid, in that they take up space inside versus bolted outside.

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