Green and Colorado River Kayaking expedition Sep 18 – Sep 27


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Yet again I am organizing the next amazing adventure! Have you ever dreamed about kayaking multi-day along the Green / Colorado river? About bewildering those amazing canyons from your boat during the day and counting the millions of stars from the river side camp at night? Well, I have too and the opportunity has come! Just when the temperature becomes a pleasantly warm in mid September we can venture for the amazing canyons in Utah.
We can kayak from 75 miles to 120 miles along the Green & Colorado river and timewise this can be done from 7-10 days. Camping every day along the river. The track includes several canyons such as the Labyrinth Canyon and Canyon Lands National Park. The waters during the track are calm so you don’t need to worry about white water rafting skills. But you will need to paddle strongly every day.
The trip is planned for now for mid September. Final details will be shared with the selected final participants . We are looking to build a small group of 3-4 kayaks at most so space is limited!
Please message me with a little introduction about yourself and your kayaking and adventure experience.

Thanks for looking!