Great tool for building your own parts for your rig


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I did a bunch of mods to my harbor freight press and recently added the swag offroad finger brake, this thing is great for building your own brackets and whatnot if you are the build instead of buy type like me



Agreed! I’ve made dozens of things with mine, including:

Hi-lift mount
Under seat air compressor mount
Under seat radio mount
Mounts for drawer glides for cargo shelf
Wheel well mounts for ammo cans
Third brake light mount
Solar panel brackets
Trailer tail light brackets

If you haven’t already, make a tighter opening for the lower die and you can get pretty sharp bends in thinner stuff. I commonly work with 1/8” strip because it is easy to buy 1/8x12” - easy to buy and easy to work with vs plate. I made a flat bar die that sits on top of the lower die and has 3/4” key stock welded down with a 3/4” gap. It bends 1/8 or 3/16 at a 3/16 radius (maybe a bit smaller) and is by far my most useful addition. Similar to their adjustable lower die but never needs adjusting.


I think you could easily get the same effect on the Swag unit simply by welding some round rod onto some 3/4 flat bar and replacing the fingers with it. You might have to customize the lower die, but they appear to intend the die you linked to be a coining die, and that consumes a lot of force, I suspect that with the right lower die opening and depth you could make a good smooth radius by air bending like the Swag does.

The lower die you linked seems to be a bunch of laser cut craziness that adds little or no value to the function of the tool but costs much more to produce.

Is the goal to have tools that make what you want, or tools that look like they belong in a Steampunk shop?