Great sand dunes np and western adventures

b jeepin

Traveling through the west for another week, currently at the great sand dunes np campground for the night so we can play early at the dunes.
Thought I'd post up few pictures or our journey so far, travelled from Georgia across the south/ Midwest/ southwest, eight states so far and many more to come looping around and heading back home.
I'm surprised to have service at camp but hey whatever, thought I saw another rig that could potentially be another expo member. Toyota Land Cruiser with a small teardrop. ( if you see this feel free to stop and say hi).
Also taking any suggestions on areas to explore that my 2wd campervan can traverse without damage.


If you are down by Ft. Garland I would drift off to Taos. If you are up to the north around Walden. Just pick a road to explore. We used to do them in 2WD cars. The Blue Ick (1953 Buick special) or the Tin Indian( a 1955 Pontiac Star Chief)
Just enjoy your trip.

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It depends on where you are and what road you find to explore. I used to get my '64 bug into places that my friends needed to go to 4X4 to get to. My father used to get our '62 Suburban 2WD into places that others had to go to 4X4 to get to. (We did have to get winched out once). It all depends on how well you know how to drive. There are some 4X4 trails I can do in high range 2WD in my 3B and been stopped for a half hour as friend in a Toyota 4X4 PU was stuck 1/2 way up the hill. (WTH, I just drove up the previous night in a friends LC in 2WD)?


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If you are that close try exploring Zapata falls. 2WD should make it just fine. Great climb to the parking area followed by a short hike to the falls.