Great fun for 2!


Expedition Leader
Over the Labor Day weekend my wife and I took the tandem out on a tandem-pack trip. This was the first tandem run for us so we kept is shorter. Day 1 we loaded up and headed out, weather was perfect! There were blue skies and wonderful views! The smoke from the fires was elsewhere. Honestly could not ask for better. By early eve we reach the area we hoped and look for or camp spot. Once found camp is set and the evening belongs to us. So peaceful and quiet but the breeze did pick up a little before we headed to sleep. Somewhere around 2 a.m. I awoke to the smell of fire, being honest I freaked out a little thinking there was a fire close by, upon waking up a bit more I realized it was smoke from a fire far away. Well that helped me feel better it did trigger a bit of a reaction with the wifes asthma. Quick puff from the puffer and we are good. We stay till the next morning. Do a short hike and then head back. The smoke had really set in, but the ride itself was still super fun. We had such a wonderful time, looking forward to the next one!20200906_164914.jpg