Greasing Front Wheel Hubs


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Hey all, in my continued learning (ever so slowly) of our truck I now realize the front wheel bearings are supposed to be greased as part of regular maintenance. From looking at the WIS getting to the bearings is a bit of an involved process that requires at least 1 special tool. So has anyone done this and if so care to share your experiences?


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Talk to Rob Pickering. FWIW, I thought that the front bearings were lubed from the axle shaft. Also ask Stefan.

Be interested in what you learn and, perhaps, sharing the cost of the tool, if needed.


Mmmmmm... That makes me think ours are the same, as the swivel housings have universal joints and grease, so there's no way for oil to get to the outer hubs... Another thing on the growing list of things to do!


Greasing for our 1993 917AF was every 5000km. So at each oil change and then 1/2 way between changes.
Grease nipples on; top and bottom front wheel swivel housing + 3 on each drive shaft.
Grease cups; for clutch on top of transmission, alternator.
We had a front end alignment done in Chile when we replaced the tires. That showed excessive play in the front end. Had to replace front wheel bearings. Possibly failure due to not repacking. Possibly due to over 400 000km of crappy roads. Parts were cheap and on the shelf.


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@Sitec , you are correct. The rears are supposed to be taken care of with the axle oil. The fronts however are not. From the WIS they take 600grams of multi purpose grease. The process is similar, but I think slightly different depending on which truck you have. Since ours is an LN2 with ABS it is slightly more involved (WIS says you will need a dial gauge and magnetic mount). Before I share the needed specialized tools for other LN2 owners I want to double check with Stefan. For some reason when I search for the one of the part numbers it says it is for the rear axle, and not the front. I do know you need a 50mm 12 point socket to get the outer nut off, I will need to get this also along with a breaker bar. Our friends we are currently traveling have a 1113 and they have done this maintenance. Karsten told me the grease that was in the hub was pretty much solid...

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