GovPlanet has 24 Tactical Vehicles for sale. Some being auctioned today (Nov. 6). Most in Hawaii or Missouri.


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There are a variety of Stewart & Stevenson vehicles available.
I've never bought anything from govplanet, so I'm not even sure how it would work--but for someone who wouldn't mind putting some work into an older vehicle, this might be quite an opportunity.



Saw someone buy one of these and then mount a 5th wheel trailer on the back to make an off-road class c Motorhome.

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I have purchase 2 of these and have one stripped, painted, lizardskined, A/C almost completed (have all parts) inside exchanger is done, pulley installed..

task is much more than expected.. if anyone interested.. shoot me a text. I am up for trade, selling.. etc.. I will keep on working on these till I get it on top of hill camping or if I sell it.

The painted unit is 2003 on a M1088A1 platform.
the untouched is a 2007 on a M1083A1 platform. I am in process of my second EUC process.

Also have a diesel KLR650 uses same fuel as the truck... good base to start with. Plan was to pair this bike up so I don't have to carry 2 types of fuel. FYI: these run on JP8 fuel.

If you are a builder, I am also interested in helping build both units out to completion.


edit:. BTW: the dash is back together now.. I also added air ride seats and carpeted and .5 inch rubber insulation on the floor. All inside cab and under the cab (above engine) has both lizardskin sound control and lizardskin ceramic heat protection on .


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