Gotta getaway Away from The City, a Moab adventure weekend.


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A couple weeks ago we took a weekend to hit a bunch of trails we have never been on, in and around Moab Utah. We used our beater FZJ80 land Cruiser and when it decided to die, we used the 2018 Ram on the other trails we wanted to go check out.

Our First adventure started here.....

Kane Creek was not an easy trail and I was not prepared for the obstacles on it. Nevertheless, we had a blast....Part 1 see if we make it through unscathed in Part 2. Coming soon. Don't try this on 32" tires, you will get some body damage. I'd say 35" tall tires and lockers are a minimum. Too bad I was on 32" tires.



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Finally got done with Part 2 of Kanes Creek. We Finally Escape the trail at 10:30pm that night. 5 1/2 hours to go the distance on this one! Fun yet terrifying.


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Alright, finally got around to this video. We took Big Burtha up Long Canyon, because the cruiser wasn't sounding so healthy after Kane Creek. It's a nice easy trail. The truck fit well and we didn't have any issues, as would be expected anyway. The best time to run this trail is right before sunset. The views are awesome from top to bottom.

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I came down Long Canyon in my Tundra a few months ago and it has gotten pretty gnarly as well. It used to be nothing. At least that day I almost broke some stuff.


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We finally hit one of the roads I've always wanted to drive in Southern Utah. The Shafer Switchbacks in the Canyonlands National Park. Really fun drive with great views.



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Concluding video to the Shafer Road I shared last week. Potash Road runs the rest of the way into Moab. The views here are amazing. We were blown away. I can't believe in all the times we had been to Moab, we've never gone on this road!



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Favorite scenic loop is to go up Long canyon, then down shaffer! Looks like you did that.

It seems like Long Canyon / Pucker Pass varies by the day. You can go in any given month and its smooth enough for an AWD sedan, then after a few rains it could be challenging to 4x4 trucks. Last year I pulled a Landcruise that was stuck on Pucker Pass. He had 4wd engaged and it was built, but the way he was positioned he couldn't go forward or back and he couldn't get traction. No lockers. It was extremely washed out and had a giant step that was likely 24"+ or so. I went back a few months later and it was all smoothed out and filled in. I think they keep a tractor at the base and frequently repair it.


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Alright finally the last destination from the trip to Moab.

Sego Canyon, We didn't have a ton of time. So we saw as much as we could while we were there. Sego Ghost Town, the cemetery, and petroglyphs.