Got the start for my 550 build

Thanks for the info. I have a call in for a quote from a professional spraying company and see how it goes. The 600 kit is $800.00 so if I need 2 might be easier and close on price to get them to do it. I'm thinking if I had 16" centers it wouldn't be any dif than paneling on a house wall, they're 16" centers?
The cold (-37) winter days have me thinking and planning, waiting for spring to get back to the truck. My plans are to remove the box and temporarily put it on a flat bed trailer so I can work on the Chassis and box. My chassis plans are some suspension repairs/upgrades, painting frame and cab, and pulling the engine for some new gaskets and an overhaul. For the camper I have looked at spray foam and its very expensive locally. I'm thinking of lining the ceiling and interior walls with 1"rigid foam and then a wall covering. This will only reduce my interior width by 1/2" from the spray foam. I will still spray foam the entire underfloor and under the overhang on the cab. I plan to glue the rigid to the corrugated wall and glue/screw my wall covering to it. I'm planning and acquiring parts and windows and what not throughout the winter as I can find them. I even have a potential deal going with a local oilfield construction company that has a paint booth in their shop to let me use it to paint the truck and the box.
My doors don't seal so well right now so permanently closing them seems best. I originally wanted it to be a toy hauler but there isn't too much room, and a previous attempt with a holiday trailer had incredible dust issues. This thing has so much weight capacity having a 500 pound four wheeler hanging off the back won't be an issue. With the spray foam inside I'll have a 100% seal on the back!
Although winter is hardly over here, another 6" of snow yesterday, and still 2 feet on the ground, I'm itching to get working on the truck. This winter has been spent planning to plan!, to plan. I finally have my layout finalized and have sourced the majority of my major inside items. Still having a little trouble with sourcing my combo toilet shower pan with tank under toilet from the states. I'm trying to source a Duo Form, or Ameri Kart. Several RV supliers in Canada carry products from those brands but can't seem to, or won't get something in they don't normally stock? This free trade BS is getting old as most supliers won't ship direct either, plus they f... you at the border with additional fees and shipping to canada is as much as the item is worth! Oh ya and add 30%dollar exchange in! I think my last orders will be to a Montana shipping outlet and I'll make the 5 hour drive to the border to get everything. That being said I've got my Dometic 2 door fridge, 4 burner range, windows and doors (still need 1 window). My Cubic mini stove and all the hardware arrived today. I decided to go with a permanent fixed propane tank after reading a few threads here, and sourced one from a van at the local wrecker. Sink taps, lights and what not are easily available here. As soon as the ice age is over and I can get the truck out the box is coming off. I have all new springs and u bolts ready to go on. Truck cab will be painted, frame too. The front of the box behind the cab will get rock guard liner and the underside of the overhang will be insulated and boxed in aluminum. Box goes back on and inside work will commence. Man it's been a long winter, I sure would have loved to have the truck done and spent a month or 2 in Yuma/Mexico!