google sketch up model of the drawer unit I am going to build this weekend


Its for a 2002 chevy trailblazer

I will be building this unit this weekend, So I decided Id model it and learn to use this program.

My plan is to also carpet the unit. The "Drawers" will be a 41 quart underbed storage units with wheels on the bottom.

Top and doors will be made out of 3/4" plywood or OSB, Bottom will be made using 1/2" Plywood or OSB. Stringers are 2x8's

I plan inset the drawers, My eyes were starting to hurt and using this program with a touchpad SUCKS. I will also mount some sort of a locking latch to the drawers. I plan on stealing roadies idea for a quick release.

I plan on using a latch that accepts a padlock so I can have "locked" gun storage.






the dog is gonna love this cause she will be able to lay down and look out the windows in the back.

Also, the reason I will be using the underbed storage containers is because I can have more than just the 2 in the unit filled up and ready to go with whatever I need, Blueprints for work, Camping gear, fishing stuff, recovery equipment, Hunting stuff, ect. So when I am done with work for the week pull that one out, set it in the garage and grab one filled with the fun stuff.

As for the gap that wll be on either side I was thinking of using piano hinge and making 2 panels that can lift up and have extra storage on the sides.

I also want to eventually build a platform that will extend this when the seats are folded to make a sleeping platform. That will more than likely be done at a later date.

lemme know if you have any suggestions


I have a couple of turnbuckles, and I am thinking with an eye bolt and that I could hook it to the cargo tie down pretty easy. we will see how that pans out


Might look at putting the hinges on the inside. My reasoning is that unless the box is off the floor a bit the doors won't open all of the way. Second option, put hinges on/ at top the doors can just flip over. Also this would put your lock at the bottom, out of sight. My .03 cents.


You might want to re-think the 2X8's, that's a lot of weight.
My drawers are built with 5/8" OSB and I can stand on them with any flex. I weigh..........

Well I weigh more than I should for a 6' tall guy.
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