Goodyear Duratrac's on Frontier?


Any River...Any Place
I have a set on dually camper van and they have been very good, road noise is minimal and wearing ok. Since it is dually I do not rotate tires.

I will replace in couple years due to age not wear, but Goodyear is repulsive dispicable woke company that I will never shop at again.


A bit late to the fight, but I have them on both of my Xterras - they replaced the BFG KO as my go - to tire. As others have said, they get noisy near the end, I usually replace them at 50K, they tend to get noisy around 45k. Keeping up on rotations is probably smart with any tire, I do it at 6k miles (every other oil change) and have never had cupping or any other issue. I've heard the stories about relatively weak sidewalls from reputable sources, so I don't doubt them, but my primary use is snow, looking cool and daily driver needs - they are the best all terrain tire I've ever had in all three areas.