Good things come in little packages: Yamaha TW200

As the owner of a XTZ1200 Super Tenere, and recently, a TW200 (aka TDub) I'm lucky enough to have the best of both worlds, the big bruiser and the mighty midget. While I have taken the XT1200 off road a few times I'm no Dakar super hero, I don't find it fun wrestling over 700lbs of motorcycle over rough terrain (it's also my everyday ride). The TW200 in contrast is light (280lbs), nimble, capable as a mountain goat and as fun as it gets with your clothes on. So I thought I'd share a few photos along with some trail impressions of the TW200 and how it performed on a few backroads in a recent Death Valley trip. I'm 6'3" and about 190lbs wet, the TDub is not a large bike, but with a few mods I can ride this thing all day off road and have no aches and pains to speak of. These mods (so far) are Pro Taper ATV bars, 2" risers (I have baboon arms), larger footpegs, Procyle rear spring, Rech tech emulators for the forks, pillowtop grips, shorty levers, DG Stainless steel pipe, Shop made bash plate, handguards, Trail Tech tacho and Manracks rack/RotoPax rack. With a massive 180/80-14 rear and a 130/80-18 front this bike can float over and climb anything (I air down off road), the power output is a lawnmower-like 14bhp, but is enough if thoughtfully used. I rode Echo Canyon and West Side Road up Hanoupah Canyon and Black Rock canyon in Red Rock State park on route to DV, around 140 dirt miles in all on a mix of rock and sand. While there are many more specialized and capable dirt tools out there not many will make you smile as much as the plucky little TDub, I found myself saying 'sorry little TDub' as I dealt more punishment out to the little guy than it deserved. But with the suspension upgrade it just ate it up and carried on, and on and on, all this and 80 mpg! While it will struggle to get over 60mph on the tarmac on dirt it has adequate juice for my riding style. And I can load it on a rack on the FJ.

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Nice review and great pics. I’ve had a few TWs over the years and always regretted selling them. Currently have one in the stable, and my brother has one, and Dad has one. Good bikes in their niche for sure!
Awesome! We have 2 TWs. They are a blast. I need to set mine up a little better as it gets painful to ride after about an hour. Just got the Seat Concepts kit to re-do seat. Pro Taper, risers, and pegs next on the list.