Good replacement tire?


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I need to replace the 7.5x16 tyres that are on my 109. Any suggestions for a street tire, including size? Prefer cheap since these tires will mainly be used for around town. I have another set of rims with 235/85's MT's for fun time.:smiley_drive:



I am a big fan of michelin ltx as a street tire. My dad has them on his excursion and they ride very nice. If I ever get to the point of having two sets of tires I will get those for my normal driving.

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Expedition Leader
I have had very good luck with BFG commercial TA's on our Suburban. Truly a 50-60K mile tire.

They also have a bit more aggressive version (traction)

Jeff - I have an extra set of 7.50x16 GoodYear-Firestone Hi-Milers made in New Zealand. I'll take some pics of them and email them to you. They are yours if you want them. Pretty aggressive thread, older tires, good for around the ranch or a side project. Not sure if I would trust them on the freeway long distance (kind of old) but probably good for trails. I replaced them with 235/85 MT's a few months ago.