Good price for a '93 RRC?


Sure sounds like it to me. Of course the devil's in the details.

1993 Land Rover Range Rover Classic. AWD, Automatic, V8. 169,900 easy miles. Long Wheel Base, very roomy AWD, go-anywhere SUV, rides like a Cadillac. Good, siped, aggressive tires. Ready for winter! Full-size original spare wheel and tire. Heater works, headlights and brake lights work, AWD works, wipers work. Heated front windshield. Runs great and is very reliable, owned it since 2004. Replaced brakes, shocks, has Bilstein steering damper, replaced distributor, plugs, wires, - the truck has been maintained. No rust on body - all aluminum! $2874 takes it.


"Classic" ad for a RRC! It is not the body that rusts, it's all the other steel parts that do!

Get pics of the driver and passenger floor under the big "sponge" called noise deadening that holds water and rusts the floor.

Next, the rear cargo area again without the sponge. What do the screws look like that attach the fuel pump access cover.

And then the firewall or bulkhead.

The ad sounds written by someone who doesn't know Rangies.

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LR Max

Local Oaf
I got hot on RRCs. Seems like a stock-ish truck that has crappy paint, crappy interior, and some sort of issues with it driving worth a damn but no significant rust goes for like, $3k.

Anyone who knows what they've got is asking at least $3k these days. 95s and LWB trucks are demanding a higher price. All of that said, I'm not seeing trucks move right now.

Oh and all of them have ads like that. And then you go and find out the steering needs to be rebuilt, it needs a maintenance interval, tires are crap, and there is an amazing tick coming from somewhere in the exhaust.

Call him and talk to him. If he just talks about how good it is and rambles on for 45 minutes, its a trash heap.

LR Max

Local Oaf
That seems to be the rough going rate. Assuming it isn't a total rust bucket, that isn't a bad price. Can probably also negotiate down a few hundred.