Going to SA, Looking for suggestions


As the title says, i'll be headed to SA during my leave (currently deployed to AFG). It will be myself and a friend, the basic plan is to fly into either Cape town or J-burg, rent an outfitted defender and drive to the other city, camping at various destinations along the way, we'll have about a week and a half in country. I'd like to go climbing in Cape town as well. I guess my questions are:

1) recommendations for an outfitted Defender, so far i've found www.bushlore.com, any others? and if i'm reading the rates correct its about 600R per day, which translates to about 60 dollars correct?

2) any must see destinations between the two? i'd like to hit a couple parks/game preserves during the drive

3) any reccomandations on climbing locations in cape town? i'm looking for sport routes around a 5.8-5.10 level


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I'm not a a climber, but I am from SA. I recommend that you join 4x4community.co.za, introduce yourself and ask your questions there. It's a great group of guys. Good luck and feel free to contact me if you have specific questions. I just spent two weeks camping in Namibia this summer and had a great time.

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