Goal Zero Boulder 100 to trickle charge single battery...


As the title says...

Running a Dometic CFX35 in the Jeep off a single battery. Does fine when I’m on the move daily. But if it’s parked for a while it starts to drain.

In an ideal scenario, I’d be considering hard mounted renology panels on the roof - in a addition to a dual battery setup - but... I have a healthy REI dividend, plus 20% off, which would get me the GZ Boulder 100 briefcase for basically free. Free is the ideal price point right now.

So... Hoping I could do a very minimal install with a port out the front grill to connect the GZ to the battery. Have read through a bunch of this stuff but still clearly confused. I know GZ pushes the whole yeti route, but that’s not in the budget right now. Fingers crossed this is a solution? If so, in terms of controller, how minimal can I go?


All you need is a 10 amp pwm controller, you can find those on ebay for less then 15 dollars. You will need to modified the output plugs of the goalzero connectors (8mm) to fit the controller. For a 100 watt panel (21 volt) an mppt controller won't give you any extra amps for the added cost and size/weight.

goalzero connector 8mm
yeti 8mm connectors.jpg
10 amp pwm controller
a lithium controller.jpg


Awesome thanks for that. Can get lost in the sea of threads about various controllers etc. appreciate the advice!