Goal Zero and 3rd party solar


Has anyone found a good work-around for using non goal zero panels with the Lithium Yetis? I have had a set of Overland "high efficiency" solar panels for a few years (they work great BTW). With those and a large, aka heavy as %&#@, deep cycle battery I had all the power I needed. The battery was nearing end of life so I picked up a Goal Zero Yeti 400x. I didn't know that it has a max input limitation of 22v. My panels give 33v with out using solar controller and the goal zero does not seem to recognize the solar input with the controller on the panels, which is a PWM controller, if that matters.

Can I get a different controller? I know the Yeti has one, it's just not rated to the higher volts.



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Send the Goalzero back or sell it. They aren’t competitive in the battery in a box game anymore. Bluetti has some cools stuff.


I have a Renogy solar suitcase that I connect to my lead-acid Yeti. The Goal Zero doesn't recognize the panels, which I plug in with Anderson plugs, but it does charge the battery pack. The display doesn't update unless I turn it off and back on.

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I run a 100w Renogy Eclipse panel to a Yeti 1000. I just bought an MC4-to-8mm adapter from Amazon and everything works as it should. Display shows input wattage when charging, and it won't charge when the Yeti is always full.


Amps are amps volts are volts.

Put a SC on the panels that outputs within the box's input specifications