Go Fast Campers! How's the quality?


I think I'm going to pull the trigger on one of their Super Lite tents in the near future. I love everything about it, but I have questions, and I figured this would be the place to ask. I guess Personal messages are ok if you don't want to post something publicly.

How is their quality on the other stuff that's already out? How is their lead time? In other words, for that second question, if they say "8 weeks" is it 8 weeks, or is it....next October?


I just watched this the other day and it was super helpful. Justin is no bs and doesn't say nice things just because he gets some stuff for free or is paid


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I'm curious about their weight claims on the camper in Justin's video. Only reason is that the $1200 doesn't include the mattress or the ladder. So do those items "add" to the claimed weight? I don't remember Justin covering that in his video, but I may have glossed over it because I kept wishing my new Ranger was bright red. haha