GMRS antennae needed - MXT115 Midland Micromobile


So I hooked it up and ran it on the trail for the first time. Checked it once I got home, and the tiny screw-on antennae worked loose and off completely, just left the magnetic nub base behind! So, what are my replacement options? I see the 6db gain $40 whip upgrade from Midland, but is there a better option, is it possible to keep my base and just order the female antennae, or just get an entire new one? What are some other routes to go?


I ran a Nagoya UT-72 when I had an MXT115. I had no means of accurately testing performance, but I assumed it would be better because it was longer. You won't need any special adapter, but you will need to run the cable again, since the cable is permanently attached to the base of the Nagoya. The antenna unscrews from the base. Since both setups are magnetic, I just ran the cable across the hatch gasket of my 4runner when I wanted to use it, then stowed it all when I wasn't using it (no special run, cutting, etc.). While slightly inconvenient for road trips, I found this way more convenient for day-to-day like parking at work, the Trader Joe's, Taco Bell drive through, etc.


I like the little ghost antennas when the vehicle allows: I drilled through the roof of my ZJ and mounted it, great performance with the big ground plane on the roof. Also pretty easy to swap it out for a whip if I want, as the NMO mount stays on the roof. On my F350 I have a whip mounted in the stake pocket as I really don't want to drill a hole in the roof of my 2 yr old truck.

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Yeah @prerunner1982 just the one that came with the radio. I'm leaning to the Nagoya or the 32" whip that Midland offers with 6db gain. I noticed the squelch was tricky to get right on this radio though, having to go through a menu rather a knob is different but something you can get used to I'm sure.


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This is what the MXT115 antenna Midland includes looks like on the web page.


A replacement whip should be cheap. You might call Midland and ask, they might just give you one. If not ask them the diameter and length then find something in the scrap metal or hardware store, perhaps a length of brazing rod for example.

But as mentioned, if it's like what it looks like this antenna is, well, not very well built. I have one that looks very similar that came with a RTL-SDR dongle so was terminated with an MCX connector but otherwise looked the same.
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