GMRS Antenna help for Wrangler JL soft top


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thats normal.. its soldered on and cut like that so you can heat the core w/an iron.

here is same connector w/out coax attached:


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No, it’s fine. That is the center pin for the PL-259 and the signal wire of the coax is soldered in there. It will never look perfect. Ever.

As long as there is 0 ohms from that pin and the center pin of the NMO and infinite ohms between it and the outer hacker you are fine.

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Thanks for the reassurance. It's been crazy at work and my brain is fried. This install will be a fun distraction with my boys this weekend.


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So, got it installed yet?

BTW, don’t worry about your soft top blocking your signal, that thing is invisible to RF. The frame may have a minimal effect, but not much.

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