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New to the club. Bought a 2003 awd savana hightop. I see alot of good talk about Bilstein 4600 and Supersprings Sumo.
ANY parts store I visit don't list them as being compatible.
Are they a direct fit or any additional mounting hardware/modification required?
I'll be keeping it stock NO LIFT.
I'm looking for the part numbers as well.
Any help greatly appreciated.



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Excited to join the Express AWD van fam!

Thanks a bunch to everyone who's shared knowledge and high-quality information. I super stoked to have just picked up a 2003 Express AWD (185k mi) with an Explorer Conversion package from a motorcycle mechanic/racer/engineer in MI. It's got the dual-side barn doors, heated seats, and all the extra bells and whistles (or at least, the 03 version of bells and whistles). Also, I got a lucky bonus, it has a G80 LSD!

The seller added a set of Timbren bump stops in the rear, upgraded the tires to 265/75r16 BFG K02's (@80% tread life) with a size matched spare. I got an extra set of rims and tires. Transfer case and tire rods were both recently replaced.

I had a pre-purchase inspection done, and the mechanic was amazed at the limited amount of rust for a car of it's age from IN and MI. He said someone took very, good care of it, and gave me a clean bill of health on codes, drivetrain, and engine. I'll still have it brought my mechanic for a fluid/fill and check-over.

There are a few warts: A couple rips/smudges/smootze/squeaks here and there. The front suspension is probably due for a refresh, as it rides pretty rough over bumps or I need to air down the tires . There are a few interior lights out, and the radio system is gremlin plagued. All the blower's/louvres for the heat are strong and functional, but the A/C is out. Thankfully, it's winter and I can wait to have the A/C replaced in the spring.

My first set of tasks is getting an underbody rust inhibitor coating, chasing down and quieting shakes/squeaks on the interior that are pretty obnoxious. Then I'll install a lift and will replace the shocks. Depending on how difficult/impractical it is, I'd like to cut off the fiberglass underskirting, running boards, and bumper fascia. Getting rid of that stuff would claw back a couple inches of ground clearance.

My intentions with this rig, are to keep it simple. I have batteries, diesel heater, refrigerator, etc from a previous build of an 03 Sprinter 158" High Roof. I'll use those things so I can basecamp out of ski parking lots for the rest of the season. I still have the Sprinter, but I've been waiting on a new engine for way too long. My former daily driver (07 Honda Accord Hybrid: 270k mi. Held together literally with duct tape and zip ties) is at the far end of it's best days. I'll accept 60% of the liveability from this rig that I built into the Sprinter, for 90% fewer mechanical headaches, and when mechanicals happen, even a far north Maine mechanic will know exactly what to do and have parts in stock.

A few questions:
1. Has anyone done the work to remove the fiberglass underskirting, running boards, faux-bumper, etc? What did you have to do? Was the van two-toned as a result?

2. For the lift kit, I'm planning to just go with the BOR kit. Is there any feedback/opinions of the Fox vs Bilstein and additional helper springs vs none?

3. Swivel Mounts: This van has really fancy seats with a huge bundle of wires powering tilt, swivel, heat, lumbar support, etc. Has anyone installed a swivel seat and been able to keep these functions? Also, the driver's seat has about an inch of play between braking and accelerating which is disconcerting. Is there a a way to eliminate that motion?
Nice find. The ko2 tires, 265/75/16. Were they fitting fine w/o a lift?
Reply here for benefit of the larger community - The BFG's 265/75/r16 fit. There is a smidge of rub on the driver's side for split second if I have the wheels locked turning right and hit a bump. I'm going to also add the body lift kit from Boulder Off Road with new springs and helper shocks this spring when I do the rust work.

Added - The previous owner added timbren bump stops to the rear, and I'm pretty has cranked the torsion keys on the front. It rides a little harsh when I hit bumps/large road cracks in the front. I did have a loose bumper support bar, which exacerbated the sound intensity, but even fixing the, it's still a bit of a rough ride.


Welcome to the club. I have a 2013 Chevy that I love. In fact I love it so much I bought a 2003 GMC similar to the one you've got this past summer. It even has the G80 ( maybe this option was more likely in conversion vans??)

I found some pretty rusted rocker panels when I removed the running boards. I ended up cutting out what rust I could, chemically treating what remained as good as was possible and welded some new steel rockers on. I sanded and sprayed the 5 or 6 inches below the lowest body line with Stone Guard, matched rattle can paint and clear coat. It turned out great and should look good and stay rust free for a long time to come.

I did the 3/4 rear Suburban springs, indexed torsion keys and Bilstein's for a lift on my 2013 and it's a joy to drive. Cruises comfortably at 80 all day and lumps me to some great campsites with no drama. If I can't sell the 2003 before summer, I may end up giving it the same treatment.

I put a passenger swivel in the 2013 and had to lengthen most of the wiring. It's not a power seat so it was just the seat belt and airbag stuff. Worked great as long as it was rotated in then back out. Borrowed it to a friend, they spun it all the way around and tore up the wires. Aaargh!

Page 30 of this thread has links to the lift parts I used.
Where did you get the new rockers from?

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