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Oh and I am pretty sure your 5.3 should not have that little screen under the oil pressure sender , that is for engines with the AFM system
Thanks for the heads up on the screen. Was a bit concerned that someone had already been in there.
The oil change did the trick. With my new pressure sensor it's back up to +/- 40 at idle and 50+ with increased rpm.
I understand that oil wears and all that but I've been using synthetic and did the last change less than 4000 miles ago. It's probably the 6th or 7th change I've done and never had such a drop in pressure. Pooched filter? Some gunk breaking loose? Failing sensor?

BTW - another thing I love about this van is it's the only vehicle I've ever owned that I can shimmy under with no lift or jack and pull off a "no drop spilled" oil change!

Another pic from last year below the Flaming Gorge Dam.

Yes , I believe it is the filters
In particular I have had bad luck with the blue AC delco filters from Amazon


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To all,

I have a 2009 Chevy Express AWD 1500. The rack and pinion needs to be replaced. Any ideas if there are any compatible aftermarket upgrades? If not, would anyone know of a solid P&P replacement brand I should go with? I do some off roading, but nothing crazy. Thanks!


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Also want to chime in with a steering question:

Are there currently any upgrade options for tie rods? I see many burly ones offered for Chevy trucks but it seems they don’t fit the van? Maybe I should just go for Moog OEM style ones with Moog sleeves?


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Their website is not clear what vehicle it fits… but it’s sold with a center link and pitman arm so it sounds like it’s not for rack-and-pinion. Also says for Quigley conversions. $649.

Going to try some various sleeves from Amazon over Moog tie rods I’ll let you know how it goes…


Finally got the 1" body lift on. Im also running 3" traxda lift, 3/4 ton suburban leafs, Bilsteins, and 285/70/17 BFG

That looks really good. I have been contemplating 285's with a 1" body lift when my current tires need to be replaced. What offset are your wheels and how much clearance does your slider have? Any clearance issues up front when the suspension is flexed?



That looks really good. I have been contemplating 285's with a 1" body lift when my current tires need to be replaced. What offset are your wheels and how much clearance does your slider have? Any clearance issues up front when the suspension is flexed?
Offset is 25mm and still have 1/2"-1" clearance on door. Ive never rubbed.


Question for you express folk. A couple years back I "graduated" from an AWD Astro to an AWD Express (to which I added a Fiberene high top).

One thing I really miss about the Astro is the "hatch" that gives some sun and weather protection at the rear doors.

So, naturally I think about a rear awning on the express. However, with the high top, the mounting options get a bit wonky (the roof AND the rear is curved, naturally) and I'm at a creative loss as to how I might mount an awning that doesn't just allow water from the roof to drain into the open back doors. I know there isn't an easy solution, so I thought I might ask the crew and see if the collective mind has been more creative than mine. You usually are! :giggle: Thanks in advance

The best I can come up with is to add some exterior drain channels that might move the bulk of the water to the sides. but I still see a lot of "holes" in that idea. Clearly the problem is exacerbated by the addition of the high top, There isn't likely as much water draining into the open doors on a stock van.
Howbout one of the newer 270 style awnings? Some of them are affordable (IMO) but some are pretty expensive. Lots of coverage though.


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Just got the ‘Burban leaf springs on and they raised it a whopping 4” on my empty van!

So- what should I do up front? I have the Maxxcam keys ready to go. I’ll put them in the highest setting (2.5”) and crank the key bolts up but really I need to know how far I can go? Thinking of going up to 3.5” but wondering if the front end can handle it? Wondering if the axles and brake lines are long enough and if it’s safe to go up to 3.5” or 4” for cv joints and such. Also replacing all four control arms at the same time with Moogs so I’m pretty sure the ball joints will be ok. Shocks will be Sjacker h7003 they are plenty long.


I'll be adding the burb springs and Maxxcam keys too. Please post part numbers for the shocks and control arms. Did the Moogs come with limiting straps? The Cognito arms are on my list. Picking up a motorcycle carrier this weekend and need to gain a couple of inches of lift.


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Front Shock part number is above. The control arms are the Moog ones from Summit online . Just put in your vehicle info and it will tell you which ones fit. They are only $325 for all four.
With the Moog or OEM I don’t believe you need limiting straps… only need straps with tubular control arms. The Moogs are solid and look very strong.

Be sure to upgrade your tie rod ends x4 or use the rough country sleves protect your factory ones.

In retrospect I don’t feel that I needed to spend the extra $230 on the maxxcam keys. I could have got some $80 3” keys and set and forget. Instead I’m doing set and forget with $230 adjustable keys.