Glamping in Borrego Springs

SoCal Tom

It's become an annual tradition for my son and I to take his best friend and his BF's Dad camping. Since there is no extra room in my teardrop, we go to the Palm Canyon RV resort in Borrego Springs. The have some "canned ham" vintage trailers for rent. So they sleep there and we stay in an RV space.
We left out of San Diego about noon Friday. To make things interesting we took The grapevine canyon trail down the mountain from montezuma valley road to the 78. The trail was in good shape, it looked like the first half had been recently graded after the big rains. I haven't taken this route for several years, I was disappointed to see that the trees at Angelina spring had burned in the last fire through the area. Other than that it was a pleasant drive and no problem for the Jeep or the teardrop.
We got to the park around 4. Once we got checked in and unpacked my son Max made us his world famous chili. We enjoyed that with some Fritos and shredded cheese. After dinner we fired up the campfire in can, and tried out the new pie iron. S'mores and s'more pie made satisfied our sweet tooth for the evening.
In the morning I fired up the Keurig for coffee and we enjoyed eggs, bacon and hash browns for breakfast. The temps were forecast to be warm, so we headed off on our adventures early. We went to one of the more popular hikes in the area, the Borrego Palm canyon hike. We were fortunate enough to see big horn sheep from the trail. Believe it or not there are 3 in this picture ImageUploadedByTapatalk1424059062.794933.jpg
We finished the hike (and passed about 30 snowbirds on the trail), about 11. Our next stop was the slot. A very narrow canyon near ocotillo wells. Most hikers stop on the top of the canyon and climb down, we followed the trail down to the valley floor, parked in the shade and ate lunch, then explored the canyon. The narrow canyon provided nice shade and a cool area as the day heated up.
The trail down into the valley is one way only due to the risk of erosion. The hill looks like many people have ignored the sign and the hill has become deeply rutted. We followed the trail around the mountain and came around through Hawk canyon and back to the 78. We arrived back at the RV party at about 85 degrees, so the pool looked very attractive. So we hung out there until dinner time. Then we pulled out the carne asada, and I made my best impression of Apple pie with pie iron. We all had showers before bed... I could get used this glamping thing.
After a good nights sleep, we enjoyed breakfast burritos, packed up and dragged the teardrop over to Blair valley. There were people everywhere. We went on the pictograph hike. We beat the Boy scout troop, but saw at least 4 other groups on our way in. We got back to the trailhead about noon, made some sandwiches, then started back to town. It was a great time, perfect weather and good food.


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We have been exploring the area for the last 8 weeks. Love Anza borrego as you can hike and camp and not worry Mosquitos like we do in Canada. We will be coming back with The Tw200 in toe to explore the 100's of trails the area has to offer. Can't believe you saw 3 big horns! They are super hard to see:) Father son time is most important as they grow up way too fast!

Thanks for sharing.

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