Gladiator XMT


I had both a jkur and a tacoma at the same time and there is no comparison. Thejlur sets the bar even higher I have friends that run TAP. They had a really nicely set up tacoma they sold it because it couldn’t keep up with their jeeps . Don’t get me wrong the tacoma is fine truck and good for overlanding. But to get away from the crowds I’ll take my Jeep any day sorry about th hijack

I guess all I am getting at is that, for overlanding purposes a Tacoma or Gladiator sized vehicle is a great platform. If this was a hard core rock crawling forum I would be preaching Wranglers all day, for their size and ease of running 35' or bigger.
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The Gladiators are big but I bet they will fit on the trails in a few years.
Before the JKU came along we were wheeling primarily TJ’s and YJ’s and the trails were so tight we could barely squeeze through a lot of places. When Jeep announced the new 4 door Jeep I remember thinking there’s no way you are going to get a 4 dr through the trails we were wheeling but within a few years the trails evolved big enough to fit the bigger Jeeps.


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I may be mistaken, but isn’t the driving force in leaving HUMVEEs for different vehicles the issue of armouring them effectively to protect troops?

If so then how does the JT improve on this?

Pretty cool though


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Getting in or out looks easy and the seating position looks more elevated than the Tacoma.
With the Tacoma's low roofline Toyota didn't have much of a choice. Hopefully,they'll reconfigure the next model.