Giving Up on Sleeping in My Vehicle

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I just traded for this topper for my 2003 tundra. Pretty cool setup. The video is how the guy plans to use it. Mine does not have the fold out windows. Also the element is a cool rig as others had mentioned and I will be working on a proto that you can climb through the sunroof


For those who stumble upon this thread with Subaru Outbacks, I've always enjoyed this build by Chase Christopher on YouTube. His set-up is efficient, relatively light weight, and seems good for shorter, single person, trips. Might not be full-fledged enough for a full blown month long Overland trip, but based on the original OP's post that's not what they were doing.


We have traveled cross country on more than a few occasions. We are 60 now & still do it. Our success is a 3 person Cabelas tent with full coverage rainfly also coated with Nikwax. Seen heavy storms, no leaks. Air mattresses and a portable toilet. We keep it in the tent at night. No issues, no stink. We empty it at every campground before we leave. It's easy to clean & sanitize. We use the blue additive. And every 3-4 days we hit a hotel to get a good shower/shave/sleep.

I learned that it is hard to get the human smell out of a vehicle when it is used for sleeping if you don't shower every day before bed, thanks to the US Army.

I like ground tents. Relatively inexpensive, easy to pack, even if wet. Easy to dry out indoors or outdoors. If they ever do get moldy, you can easily replace them. I would be sick to my stomach if I had a $2000+ rooftop tent that molded.

You'll figure out eventually what works best for you.


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I dumped my CVT Subaru and won’t own another. Servicing them has become an issue at dealers its a simple drain fill 30 minute service but dealers are so hard up for techs that can follow manufacture service procedures they either play stupid and say its non serviceable, or charge you 10x what it should because they somehow manage to screw up and trash the cvt every couple of cars🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. Having a non dealer do it runs the risk of junky parts not covered by Subaru if they figure out it was serviced by anyone other than Subaru🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. Yes!! The cvt fluid is a service item and yes it makes a difference.

If I were looking for a Subaru like vehicle today? The Bronco sport and the Maverick Pickup would be top of the list. Solid 8spd Automatic, solid engine, better power, better mileage, better capability, better load ratings.
Oh and I totally get your mileage issues with the Land Crusher!! Its a big reason I sold it. The Sequoia was better but my 2019 Expedition is way better. In fact the Expedition is only about 2mpg different than my Subaru was on road trips and actually beats the subaru towing the same 4x6 trailer with bikes by 2mpg on the same exact trips😳. So really loving the 400hp 9200lb tow rating, 2spd transfer case 4x4, 10spd AT, and locking rear diff with only 2mpg mileage penalty 👍👍.
Must be a regional thing. Here in Canada the Subaru Dealers are the best. My wife is on her fourth Subaru. She does not even shop anymore.
Every 3-5 years.... another Subaru.

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