Gidget Trailer from OZ

Recommended books for Overlanding

First Overland: London-Singapore by Land Rover
by Tim Slessor
From $11.99
4WD Driving Skills: A Manual for On- and Off-Road Travel
by Vic Widman
From $17.27


I like it and really dig the features Pilat called out. I think there is just a bit of slow traffic on this site right now due to camping/vacation season :)


SE Expedition Society
Yeah, I'm sensitive... ...too hot to camp. Too hot to hike too...

As a guy that's lived out of a teardrop for weeks on end for over 4 years, I guess my head is in the game too much. I love my teardrop, don't get me wrong. It's really a great way to travel and have a level of comfort while still having a small footprint and still feel like you're "camping".
But you can't help but sit there, look at the rig, and say, " would be better if...."

My wife hates the TV idea. She said, "we camp to get away from the TV".
But the sit-down area appeals to me. For foul weather days.
And the slide-out is clever.

But a solar panel on the roof?
I thought about hard-mounting my solar panels. Even using the flexible kind and following the contours of the roof or something.
But then I'd have to park in the sun ----- with my folding solar panel array I can place the panels in the sun, the trailer in the shade, and still charge up. And follow the sun.


Tossing ewoks on Titan
You don't have to have the TV. It was the revolving bit I liked about it. It also has a stereo on that revolving bit. You could have a tray on both sides, and it would still be cool.


SE Expedition Society
You don't have to have the TV. It was the revolving bit I liked about it. It also has a stereo on that revolving bit. You could have a tray on both sides, and it would still be cool.
It's neat ----- just trying to picture myself using it...

I'd rather have pass-through cabinets. A way for me to grab a sweater from the galley without having to go in the cabin.
The revolving thing is cool but it's the answer to a question I've never asked...


Nobody else thinks the pull-out is a neat idea?

....jeez. Tough audience.
I'm sort of meh on the idea of the pull-out. The extra space is nice, but it looks like you have to have the pull out open in order to use the bed. You couldn't jack-knife the tow rig to use it as a wind break without disconnecting the trailer first and it looks like you would have difficulty getting into the back of a truck or jeep if it were hitched and extended. I wonder how the seals will hold up over time. I also wonder about the slides that they use and how they would hold up after a few miles of washboard. I guess for certain situations the extra complexity would be worth it. I'd be interested to see how far down the foot well extends below the frame. The revolving door was a neat idea, but I'm curious how the wires are run for the TV and iPod stuff. Give a kid a minute or two and they could twist the wires apart if there wasn't some sort of stop (which it doesn't appear to have). It's neat to see another teardrop coming into the market and it does look very nice, but this one probably won't wind up in my driveway.

OCD Overland

Very cool. Comparing the US and AUS spec sheets, it looks like they use different woods in the US model; and don't include the batteries, charger or inverter - I'm sure all to avoid import problems/duties. It's also priced a bit cheaper as a result.


SE Expedition Society
I like looking at it as a design exercise. It's obviously more geared toward the campground camper rather than the boondocker ---- but I just liked seeing new ideas happening.

Recommended books for Overlanding

National Geographic Road Atlas 2020: Adventure Edition [U...
by tional Geographic Maps
From $20
Overlanders' Handbook: Worldwide route and planning guide...
by Chris Scott
From $80.9
Overlanders' Handbook: Worldwide Route & Planning Guide: ...
by Chris Scott
From $19.31
Road Fever (Vintage Departures)
by Tim Cahill
From $12.99


A lot of innovation in that little trailer. My only concern would be water intrusion on the slide-out after a year or two of use.


I had a brief look at this trailer at the recent Brisbane Caravan and Camping Show. Some innovative and well resolved thinking in it making for a compact tow package and a roomy camp at rest. It's definitely NOT a trailer you would be taking on any serious dirt so jack knifing is not really a consideration. I didn't crawl under but don't think you'd be considering doing a SOA or anything similar to take it off road. The seal on the rear hatch didn't impress me as the hatch simply comes down and "bumps" onto a rubber seal on the top of the side wall. So it relies on a pretty good match of wall to hatch profile to maintain integrity, I see dust entering if on dirt. The shape of the hatch does not help the seal. Not sure if the front slide out seal is the same design.

Overall the finish looked good if not a bit too "shiny" for me. There's effort in making those curved draw fronts and while it's nice it's not necessary. This trailer seems aimed at the city dwelling "stylist" rather than any medium to hard core camper. And I don't want a TV when camping either. ;)