GFC spot #668 for sale! SOLD!!


Hi There ,

I have a GFC spot available . Its due to start production by February 2020. I am just asking for the $500.00 that I put as deposit. I will assist you in the transfer the spot to the buyer.
I am walking from this purchase as my father passed away . Plans have changed dramatically. I hope someone could purchase this spot Thank you.
Here is a communication with GFC team.
I'm really sorry to hear that you lost your father. You can absolutely sell your spot, and since it's pretty high up on the list, it should sell relatively quickly. All you'll need to do when you find a buyer is send an email to with the buyer attached, and I can facilitate the transfer.

Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help!
Mike Buonocore
Team GFC
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Good question.

Based on the box & GFC letter, it's a GFC Platform (camper), not the standalone RTT.
@penangtoy - What truck is this for, or is it still possible to alter the order?

I hadn't seen the welcome kit before. All I got was a hefty discount for a pre-order, a T-shirt from Ross, a chat with Wiley, and a Coke with Graeme. :)


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Please accept my sincerest condolences. Lost my dad in 2014. I doesn't get easier, just more tolerable. Good luck with the sale.


It was supposedly for an 2003 double cab tacoma and my #668
According to Mike it is possible to alter the order. Taylor emailed me first and if there any transfer information you need let me know as Mike Buonocore Team GFC is in touch with me.

Taylor here at GFC. Have you checked the GFC Leaderboard lately? It’s time to select colors and options for your new Go Fast Camper!

A little sooner than you expected? Well...

Your GFC is way ahead of schedule!

Things are moving fast on the GFC Leaderboard.

We’re now about twelve weeks away from starting your Go Fast Camper build. When you placed your deposit, we quoted you a production start date of July 2020. We’re now beating that timeframe – not by weeks, but months. Your new estimated start date is February 2020!

How did that happen?

Our factory is expanding, so we can now build GFCs in bigger batches. Each large batch takes a little longer to get through than the smaller ones did, but with more units per batch, we’re building campers at a much faster rate.

At one point, you may have heard that GFCs typically take 6-8 weeks to complete. That was true when we were building in small batches, but these larger groups can take up to twelve weeks to complete. So while we’re months ahead of schedule on starting your GFC, the production could take a few weeks longer than you were expecting.

The net effect is that you’re getting your GFC much earlier than anticipated. Sahweet!

Keep your order on track

It’s time to get serious about choosing your colors and options. I’ve just mailed you a kit containing our powdercoat color samples with information about your customization options. Here’s the tracking number:


USPS First Class Mail

To help with your decision, here’s even more information about color options, as well as a gallery of customer photos.

Email me your selections

As soon as you decide on your color scheme and customization options, reply to this email with the following information:

  • Truck: year, make, model, cab style, bed length, trim package
  • Selection: Space Frame Color
  • Selection: Cabana Panels Color
  • Option: Add Windows (front, rear, both, or none) +$200/window
  • Option: Add Tent Side Door (driver’s side only) +$350

*Note: if you drive a Colorado or Canyon, you will need to purchase a replacement antenna prior to install. The Stubby Jr. can be purchased here.

No need to decide on accessories yet

At this time, we only need your truck model, color selections, and window and tent options. Accessories like rack mounts, awning brackets, etc. are sold and shipped separately, so you can order them at any time through our website.

Invoicing is also ahead of schedule

When you email back with your selections and options, I’ll send out an updated invoice. Your deposit will be applied to the invoice amount, and your payment will be due within a week.

We know, we surprised you by pushing up your start date. You may not have been planning to pay so soon. If that’s the case, just let me know when you can pay your invoice. I’ll hold your place in line up to the week before production. After that, you may lose your place in line, but you’ll still have preference over later order numbers. If you end up missing this production batch, you’ll get into the very next one after your invoice is paid.

Once your invoice is paid, I’ll mark your GFC “Ready For Production” and send your order to Metal Town! (the part of our factory where metal components are made)


If you have questions about colors, customization options, or invoicing, don’t hesitate to ask. Just reply to this email. Email is always the fastest way to get a response.

Drive hard,

Taylor Wallace

Team GFC
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I’m sorry to hear about your dad and I hope your family finds peace.

I’m interested in your spot if it’s still available. I have a 2017 Tundra Crewmax sothe order would need to be changed to an XL though. Not sure if that’s possible since it would be changing to a different product and not just to a different vehicle.

Again, deepest condolences about your dad.


Hi there Thanks for the condolences guys.Yes it can be changed to your Tundra crew max . It is possible to change to your needs . Here is the response You can pm me your email
and I can add you to the email conservation with GFC to transfer the spot #668 to you. I can also forward you all the conversations with GFC once I have your email. Do let me know.Thanks. BTW you can also call to talk to Mike at GFC or email him at


1:57 PM (3 hours ago)

Hi mike

I have some one on the Expedition portal asking if the spot the build can be altered to their needs . Thanks

2:53 PM (2 hours ago)
Hey Poe,

Since your unit isn't in production yet, it will be fully alterable!