GFC Camper Reservation March 21—sold

Maybe this forum is ran differently than what I thought, but well-established forums typically don’t let people complain about pricing on a seller’s thread. If you don’t like the price, message the seller privately or move on and let the market decide. But you shouldn’t have a list of people crapping on a thread because they don’t like what the market is allowing an item to sell for. You all have the same outrage when the market allows your real estate to sell for a nice profit?

I am not sure what “you that hard up?” means.
its a forum. if you dont want the opinions of members stick to craigslist.


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Perhaps you would have sold it faster if you told us all how you are offering it for sale in order to help someone as you generously mentioned in a post. You know, something like: "Hey everyone. Since it is the season of giving and my plans have changed, I wanted to reach out to Expedition Portal first and see if anyone would like transfer my camper reservation to them. I paid $500 for it, but I'd like to see it go to someone on here if possible, so I'm offering it to you fine folks for $900".

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