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I'll preface this by stating that I don't spend weeks-on-end in the wilderness, I'm more of a "weekend warrior", if that. In my experiance with buying North Face cold weather gear (gloves/jacket) circa 2008 from their official store, at full MSRP, I was left cold and severely unimpressed... I later heard similar complaints from others; will never buy their gear again. On the other hand, all Columbia Sportswear (and Mountain Hardwear under their ownership) has performed well and kept me warm. Biggest issue I had was zipper failure on several of their soft-shell jackets of a certain vintage/style. I also have several of Columbia "fishing style" button down shirts and a soft-shell jacket or two that are over a decade old and still wearable. In the last few years I purchased a handful of Eddie Bauer fishing-style button down shirts and have been impressed how well they've lasted and the material/design is overall better than Columbia Sportswear. Someone here mentioned seeing Eddie Bauer clothes appearing at Costco recently... I picked up two pairs of light hiking pants their and the cut/fit/material seem better than what I've seen from Columbia's offerings. MY personal opinion is that Columbia Sportswear and Eddie Bauer are a great bang for your buck.
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I knew Tim and his late mother (Gert) Boyle professionally- I helped them out with some stuff back in the '90s. My office was right up the hill from Columbia Sportswear corporate headquarters.

They were always nice to me, and their stuff has always done me well...
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