Gen3 side plastic color ideas


After both trucks getting hit, constant parking lot scrapes and doors taking the paint off, I'm ready to try something else.

What options are out there as far as pant for the side plastic trim on Gen3's? I'm not really ready to commit to rhino liner but something tough that I could touch up would be nice.

Both have the beige colored trim. One is a white truck the other dark green. I was thinking something darker grey maybe?

Here's the latest casualty...

Any other suggestions?

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Sounds more like you need to stock up on some good karma, but most of that should buff out fairly easily. Or maybe the Toyota gods are getting back at you for having yota wheels on your monty.


It will need paint.

I've never had wrecks until I owned gen3's it's wild. Here the 06 excuse me being in it.

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Krylon makes one of the few paints that adheres fairly well to plastic. Meticulous surface prep is key. In the end, however, it's just spray paint and it's not a barrier of any kind against further damage.

When/if you do decide to apply something tough, consider ditching the plastic altogether. I'm extremely happy with the results of this on my Gen III.


I think ease of fixing would be the benefit of spray pant maybe?

I've never used the krylon plastic stuff before.

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I plasti dip'd all the plastic & front and rear bumper covers 1.5 years ago.... it's holding up REALLY well. It has started to peal a bit right under the drivers and passenger's doors... when people get out, their legs tend to slide over that part of the body work and pull the plasti dip down. But you only see it when the doors are open.

It only cost me like 40-50 bucks (cans purchased at Home Depot), and an afternoon of time to tape everything off and use 4 coats with 5 or 6 rattle cans. Come to think of it, I did remove the front bumper and did it away from the car ( a lot less to have to tape off)

This is the car my wife drives, so it doesn't go on dirt too often, but here are a couple of photos of what it looks like.

in 2nd photo, things were getting a little warm as we were out on a local trail last weekend... were moving up-hill (very steep), in low gear, crawling along with the wind at our back.... under the hood wasn't getting a lot of air-flow.

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