Gen. III middle row seat repair- bush mechanic style


The middle row seats in the Gen. III are known for having the release cable fail when attempting to tumble the seat forward.
I was able to repair the weak spot in true bush mechanic form...found some parts in the bottom of the tool box that took care of the problem.

Below you'll see the small pot-metal part that fails after years of will eventually just snap off, and you'll likely experience an audible pop when it let's go.

I used a short length of wire and a cable clamp to repair the issue.
The cable for the seat release is attached through the clamp, and the wire is secured to the release lever.
Shorten up the short length of cable as much as possible and tighten the clamp. The release lever can then be fine tuned using the adjustment nut near the release handle. a treat.




Interesting. I am not able to move my bigger of the two middle seats all the way anymore, so that kinda sucks. Looks like that the only way to fix it is to take it fully apart, something I am not looking forward to.


Yeah but how do you get the seat up to do the work?
Great question...
When each one of mine failed, the seat was deployed and locked into position.
I must have gotten lucky, because after monkeying with it for a bit the seat released and I was able to tumble it forward to repair the problem.
...sorry I don't have a magic answer

If you can access the zippered section under the release handle and expose the cable in order to grab and pull, this will allow the seat to be tumbled forward. There is not a lot of space, but it might be doable.