Gen. III brake pads


Time to replace the rear brake shoes in the Montero.
I've always used OEM shoes in the past, but was wondering what others were using from the aftermarket.

What brand(s) have you tried?
What was/is your experience with said aftermarket brand.



I've gotten hooked on Wagner Thermo Quiet pads. Use 'em on everything. Rock Auto has good pricing for our versions.
Wagner Thermo Quiet PD868 Rear

I have determined that box store brake pads with a "lifetime warranty", means I'm going to spend the rest of my life frequently replacing brake pads under warranty. :cautious:
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Michael Brown

You followed me, so now we're both lost
I used OEM the last time I changed mine, but I will try Raybesto from RockAuto this next time. I used their rotors and have had great use for the price.