Gen 3 cats/downpipes


Just wondering if you tried a "spark plug non-fouler" modification to the o2 sensors after the cats before replacing the cats.


The cats were in bad shape. Highly restrictive. I thought about that though.

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Not familiar with what you have pictured there. Is that a spark plug screwed into an improvised fitting welded into an exhaust pipe for possibly igniting residual flammable vapors as they pass through the exhaust system to help clean up smog emissions that would otherwise be detected during a smog inspection? Great idea...


Here is a photo before installed. 1 is drilled out to 1/2". Other is left alone.
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I just replaced my y-pipe/cats a few weeks ago. Then my vacuum tubes needed to be replaced too to clear codes.

My manifold currently has a hairline crack that sounds at first crank but then settles down shortly after.

I would be very interested in aftermarket or custom headers!

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The uphill battle begins
Spark plug non fouler trick worked for me to pass emissions... but the cat was indeed dying. Had to cut it off recently. Now I'm debating if i run catless on that side and let the nonfouler keep codes at bay for emissions.

Decisions, decisions... have a friend who knows a welder who will make an "off road" version out of my reminant pipe. Then i can always reinstall the cat equipt replacement section later.