Gen 3 boiling gas??


This seems very weird and I'm not sure how it's possible, but fourwheeling today the gas in the tank of my Gen 3 montero was boiling. Full on rattling the Kettle boiling.

We were doing a tight trail that gained about 3000 feet of elevation in 8 miles, so it was steep but nothing crazy technical. Temps were in the 70-80s. Truck was in 4low, generally in 1st or 2nd. We stopped mid way and it was fine but about 30 minutes later I started to smell gas. We stopped for lunch and when I got out you could hear the gas boiling in the tank. It was a hard boil and it kept going for about 3-5 minutes after shutting it down. After lunch we kept going and it did not have any other issues (although not nearly as steep).

Has anyone ever experienced this? I ride dirt bikes and it's not uncommon for gas to boil in the tank, but it's because the tank is sitting on top of a hot engine. I don't see how the gas tank on the montero could get hot enough to boil 20 gallons of gas......weird. I felt the tank and it was warm like you would expect but nothing crazy.

On a side note, it sure is fun watching a jeep and Tacoma get stuck on a steep climb. Once they finally get up after much dickery, they eagerly watch the montero expecting the same challenge. It walked right up it, :eek:


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Boiling or bubbling? I've seen it a four times, something to do with the vapor system. The truck will eventually stall out too, we've had to run the things with the gas cap loose to get it off the trail or to camp. Seems to happen on elevation gains, i'm not sure of the cause but it seems to go away on it's own because everyone I've known to experience the issue never fixed it. I've seen it even fill the charcoal canister on a Gen 2 and pour out a ton of gas, interesting note it's been two 94 SR's and two Gen 3's...
I’m following this because I had something similar happen. Same kind of set up. Off-road driving, elevation gain. Turned the car off. Heard a sound coming from the gas tank area. Kept happening for 30 minutes before I decided to start the car. Started r and ran it for 5 minutes and then stopped it and it went away. Very strange.


Also seen it happen, happed on the after-mod trail with Carlos last year. I think there's a purge solenoid or evap solenoid that can be related to it, but I'm just speaking from a fuzzy memory and second hand overhearing the conversation. it's not boiling, just a pressure thing.


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I think this is related, I’m close to sea level and every now and then I experience a mystery sound right after startup, best I can describe it as is a whooshing, stirring air like sound coming from the gas tank. It only lasts about 5-10 seconds max. I’ve posted on it before. I’ll bet this is related somehow. Zero driveability problems.


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Had it happen in Big Bear Mtns and also up near Mammoth, long trail hill climbs, steady elevation gains, fairly warm summer weather.